Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working in NZ

There is a before and after of my living quarters. Its getting better. I am comfortable.

I took some time off to take this SCUBA class. Its better than I thought it would be. Swimming deep below the surface feels so cool. All of my natural urges are to swim up and get air but I can't. I have to understand my equipment and rely on it. Its gets better this weekend I have 4 scheduled dives in the Bay of Plenty.
I work nights at Da Beir Haus, same time as the classes. So I got another job in some peoples farm. Its easy work, and theres noone even around. I just put on my head phones and work, pruning hundreds of bushes. I make my own hours, get iced coffee from Diane the owner, and make 50% more than at the bar. The weather is getting quite nice. Nice day for a cold beer. Awwwwweee, thats nice .

3 comments: said...

awesome - i'm linking you up from my site

C Tambo said...

thats sweet dug. Looks comfy.

Dan LaTour said...

haaa! Thats awesome!