Saturday, November 15, 2008

Its a jungle out there.

My scuba trip got postponed. I had some time off so I decided to camping. I went out to NZ forest, what I call jungle. Vines climbing up tall trees with big leaves all trying to get a piece sun light. There was an old dirt road that went over the mountains. It was just a narrow incision into the dense canopy of rich vegetation, barely wide enough for the modified jeeps that might brave it. Pocked with mud holes and ruts from the 4x4s that amazingly traversed it. I walked out for hours down trails that left little view beyond 20 feet. The jungle was too dense to get off the trail most of the time, but when streams would cross the road at sharp corners, you could move around more freely because the water had keep this area clear of too many plants. It green up there. Water cut down through the rocks cover in a green moss. Every thing was, green all over every tree, living or dead. I did not encounter another person for four hours. When I got back to my car, guy pulled up and told me he was part of a search crew looking for a lost hiker who had been missing a couple of days. Its not likely they will find him. If he went anywhere off on of the 20 or so roads, its pointless looking.
I cooked some cous cous as a meal with my gas grill. I think Im ready for a longer trek. They have some here that are up to five days. You just pay 10 bucks a night to sleep in a hut with running water that are scattered through the wilderness.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working in NZ

There is a before and after of my living quarters. Its getting better. I am comfortable.

I took some time off to take this SCUBA class. Its better than I thought it would be. Swimming deep below the surface feels so cool. All of my natural urges are to swim up and get air but I can't. I have to understand my equipment and rely on it. Its gets better this weekend I have 4 scheduled dives in the Bay of Plenty.
I work nights at Da Beir Haus, same time as the classes. So I got another job in some peoples farm. Its easy work, and theres noone even around. I just put on my head phones and work, pruning hundreds of bushes. I make my own hours, get iced coffee from Diane the owner, and make 50% more than at the bar. The weather is getting quite nice. Nice day for a cold beer. Awwwwweee, thats nice .