Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harvesting sweet corn

I have been working on a farm here in Gizzy. Driving a Tractor 12 hours a day. We are supposed to work 6 days a week but it rained here earlier this week. I am just going to keep working until my friend Josh from SD gets here on the 4th of feb. I will go pick him up and start having some more adventure. First thing we are doing is going to a three day art festival that mimics Americas Burning Man Festival. Then we will go south for three weeks or so. I still have even been to the south Island so I am very excited to have my friend here with me. I am still sleeping in my van to save money. I havent been to a hostel since the 1st. Its like camping every single day. No worries.

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Dan LaTour said...

Man those pictures are amazing!!