Wednesday, December 28, 2016

High City Limo

I started a company in Denver Co to help save lives. People like to party in Denver. But It's not the smallest town. You can't always walk or ride a bike when you go out drinking. Uber is an option, but not always feasible. The 30 passenger party bus is a great way to get to a show at Red Rocks or 1st Bank center. You can play your own music and dance instead of whispering in the back of some creepy guys Uber car. You can leave your jacket and cooler full of beer for after the show. Smoking weed in a limousine is fine if you ask the driver first. When you look at the cost of a round trip ride, it can be as cheap as $25 per person. That is cheaper than a cab to Red Rocks going one way. Save some cash and more importantly saves lives. It's not just your life you are risking if you drink and drive. There are innocent people just trying to get home safe. Please think when you drink. Call a cab, uber, or party bus for you and your friends. Call High City Limo at 720-515-2033

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