Monday, October 27, 2008

American to Kiwi ; Translator

dude ; mate
party foul; taxi!
fries ; chips
chips; crisps
cookies ; biscuts
local ; kiwi
call ; ring
thanks ; cheers
hostel ; backpackers
college ; uni
dank ; sweet ass
highway ; motorway
hike ; tramp
pants ; trousers
shady ; dodgy
bloke ; guy
cooler ; chilly bin
flip flops ; jandals
toilet ; loo
tourists ; loopies
drunk ; pissed
shopping cart ; trolly

Warning; Do not travel to NZ with out this translator. The locals will not know what the hell you're talking about.


Summits said...

Dugan, it's Erin I left one other comment earlier in your adventures. I want you to know I'm lovin this and I'm so crazed for your experience~your on hero status in my book~

Ethan said...

chuck in the words egg and dickhead hahaha