Thursday, October 23, 2008

Idling at The Bay of Plenty

Living here at a travelers halfway house has been interesting. I don't know if I would always want to stay at one of these places. It is a whole lot easier than just sleeping in a car or camping on a beach somewhere. I have a place to shower, cook, and clean, power my laptop and even watch some movies. Its nice to have people to talk to, but with 35 people here you have to share space. I am thinking about how I want to spend my time here. Is working in a restaurant/ nightclub for 13 bucks an hour how I want to spend the summer, maybe it is. Nice weather, beaches in every direction, all the college kids come down here for the summer. I think I would rather be doing something with sports, kite boarding, kayaking or something. We will see in the next couple of weeks how things go. This weekend is labour day. An excuse for Kiwis to get drunk. Going to be busy here in town. i am working 2 12 hour days in a row. Everyone else at the hostel is going on a trip around North island, for three days. Im kind of pissed, but I need to earn some money for a while. Free beer is nice too.
I have been told its illegal to sleep in your car anywhere in town because they don't want backpackers shitting in the bushes. (I've done it.) But I got a gym membership today with a shower available 24 hours a day. They just give you a key and you can go in any time you want. Its small with old equipment but it will be like Rocky 4 when he trains with hay bails and rocks in Russia, then kicks Dolf's ass. Anyway I could camp and use that shower and power outlets.
Yes life is very different here, I make much less and things cost about %50 more. I went from suburban middle class to poor. I welcome the challenge as long as can grow stronger from the whole experience. I want to do something new everyday. I want to do something that scares me everyday. I have been practicing with my poi. There is a German girl who has been showing me how to do some tricks. hopefully I will have some skills when I come back next summer, I can step up to fire poi.
There is one muontain in here in town. it is not to big, they let sheep run all around it. I decided to climb it. It was good to get out on a sunny day.


Cory said...

Was up dug, c tambo here, love the pics. I put e'm on my screem saver. So keep sending the pics. you can send me a personal email if you get a chance . would love to here from you.Good luck on everything and talk to ya on the flip side!
c tambo

Mom & Dad said...

Dugan, sounds like things are moving along well. I love your blogs. Great pictures. Love, Mom

Samantha said...

you should catch one of those little lambs and bring one home for me.

miss you.