Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty :
I had a chance to by a 4x4 van for $2000, but the guy seemed kind of shady so I passed. Then I thought I should have bought it because they are selling for twice that. The guy had another van for sale. A 94 toyota previa. I bought it for 2300 bucks. The hostels in Auckland cost $26 bucks a night, so if I sleep in a van for a year I'll be way ahead, plus I can sell it for something when I leave.
So now I was in my van with no place to go or even park in aucland. All parking costs money. I got a text from Clemins saying they went to the bay of plenty to get farm jobs, and there was a job for me if I wanted it. It didn't take 10 seconds to reply. "Yes." I point my van south and turned up the radio. 4 hours later I was there in town but didn't know where they were. I parked and got ready for bed, started to read when he texted that he could not stay at the hostel. No visitors past 10pm. He needed to stay with me and he would bring beer. I said no problem. We went to meet Julia and her German friend at the Nazi hostel. There were cameras everywhere, this guy came out and started lecturing us about having breakfast with them. He was very rude. So all of us left, The girls checked out and lost the job opportunity in the process. But they heard about Duck's Nuts hostel across town. They were $120 a week. And I could park my van and use their kitchen and showers and tvs and Playstation for a discounted rate.This place is very home feeling. And they also had Kiwi work, It was raining so work wouldn't start until four days from now. It is pruning kiwi fruit. There can be only 8 kiwi buds per vine so they will all grow big enough to sell internationally. 12 hour days @ $12hour (Min Wage) about $8.25/H USD. None for me, thanks! With my visa, I can only work 35 hours a week max. I am going down the ritzy strip of bars I saw last night by the the bay. The lady that works at Ducks Nuts said with my experience I could get a job no problem making above average wages.

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