Friday, October 17, 2008

Chillin at Duck"s Nuts

I found a job in a bar down on The Strand, a trendy strip of bars and clubs for people to have a drink after work or a late night drum and bass party. I am bartending at De Bier Huas, a restaurant and bar. A little over min wage with no tips. But Its good to be earning something after being out of work for a month.
I am staying in a hostel with %80 germans so communicating is difficult. I am making my van more home like and functional as well. Added curtains and storage compartments. Tonight I am going see a local nz dnb artist. My kiwi friend from SD, Ethan called me today and said he was moving back to Auckland next week, and might have a place to stay and a job in music production with he and his mates, A bunch of local DJs.
I have gone running a few times this week, trying to fight off the softening effects of the kiwi diet. Processed white breads and aioli, cheese, and, shwag ass partical meats. I am going to a gym tomorrow. I will wait to see where I am in two weeks before comiting to a month there. I really want to produce music and play it.

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Cory said...

whats up dugan, glad alls well in new zealand.Love the pics. looks like an amazing time.keep blogging and keep posting pics.its always good to here from you.have a drink on me.