Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 1, Oct. 3 2008

Its finally here. The day I have been preparing for all year. I have reduced my worldly possesions to a backpack, a hiking pack, and a duffle bag. Most of the bulk of it is cloths. I may rerget bringing so much clothing. I have a new laptop with wifi, and a cell phone that works in NZ but charges roaming, so I don't imagine I will be making a lot of calls.
I dont know a single person in the counrty I am moving to. Nor do I have a place to stay or a job. I have $1900 USD in the bank so I can live cheap for a while durring the first few weeks of meeting people and finding out good place to sleep, eat, and work. But these are not the reasons I've come to this new land. I work, eat, and sleep in So Cal.
I am here for the challenge of adventures and uncovering the myseries that loom inside us all. I want reach ahead myself and pull me closer to my limitless potetial which I've realized will never happen living a mudane existence in the shallow bubble of San Diego. I have loved it there for years, but as I grow older, my thirst for knowlege and new experience grows too. We will see if my journey actually falls in line with my intention, or just turns out to be an extended vacation.

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Jon Chesson said...

download Skype on your laptop. You'll need a headset/mic for it, but then its pretty much talking on the phone over the internet for free. Skype to Skype of course...