Sunday, October 5, 2008

Second day

Oct 6 Monday
After a day in Auckland I am realizing that everything is costing more than expected. I decided to do something other than sitting in a hostel where I share a room with 7 others. It feels like sitting idol at a poker table letting the blinds widdle away at your chip stack. I am going to bet, raise, fold, anything accept resting idol. Today I made a reservation to take a camper van on a road trip. Its small, like a 1980s Toyota mini-van thats been converted to sleep 3 with a cooking range and water tank. For $55 (NZ) a day Thats like $40 USD, I am trying to get some like minded travelers to join me camping up at the northern most point of this country. The Indian and pacific oceans meet and you can actually see a clearly defined color difference. It has been kind of rainy so Im hoping my camping trip isn't too wet.

Inspired by Chris McCandless' impromptu adventure and the movie made about it "Into The Wild".I left jumped into a pretty wild adventure hoping to do as well as he did for the first couple of years ,but I am having to fight off intruding thoughts of a bad decision or at least poor planing. I imagined myself just tramping around this land with no money and no problems that I could not work through. I saw myself as a very unique individual on a quest for self enlightenment. But sitting at this backpacker hostel with several hundred others doing the same thing as I am just humbles me. I think I need to go back to roots. I think I want to go work and live on a farm or vineyard. Work hard and get some money saved up.

There is a festival called The Gathering over the new years weekend. Its been going on for years. Good hearted people and electronic music on a giant camp ground at the north end of the south island.Kind of like burning man. This party is a must on my list. I will have some friends coming out around that time. So it will be a refreshing breath of American comfort. Someone told me before I left that when you travel for long periods of time on your own, you get progressively lonelier until about three months and then its fine. You accept it as normal and just live day to day. 90 days would put me at the start of 09


Maria Bowen said...

oh sweet dugan, i think working on a farm is brilliant, with the harsh weather coming, what season are you in?? well, I would imagine that any work that no one wants to do pays well. fresh vegatables and fruit..maybe an organic farm! I would stay away from the bar scene..cleanse and center. health and whole self is roots love. I heard somewhere, "we are meant to go through life with a partner" just like animals. maybe thats the cure for lonliness..and time.

I'll be thinking of you and be with you all the way

Summits said...

Oh shit, I'm very impressed by your abilities to manifest the time continumum. Planting your seeds!!! Thank you for making me reinvest my purpose and true intent...damn kid many hats off to you....your people will come..I love the two oceans meeting. I want ot visit, too!!! FUCKING ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!! Peeling the layers will be painful at first....just keep swimming~luv~