Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On vacation from my "vacation"

I spent the last week or so out on the city of Tauranga and Mt Manganui. I have been city camping. I saved some money by not staying at the hostel. But there is no work in town right now so I've just been hiking running climbing, and chilling out at the beach. There one mountain in town, so everyone climbs it. It takes about 30 minutes of pretty steep trail climbing. Nice views from up there. I just cook and have meals right out of the back of my van. Pasta, eggs, potatoes, canned foods, beer, box wine, whatever. I drew a picture on the back side of my van. I think it looks okay but needs more. I will continue to work on this project when ever I have time. I also put a roof rack on it so I can get a bike. There are so many trails to ride over here. The weather is good. Warm most days, but it also rains most days. The sun is a real killer though. You can't get tan here. Just burned by the high levels of ultra violet light.
I am moving back into the hostel later today. I plan to stay there one week until starting my next episode of miadering migration. This time I am going with Clemmins again from the northland trip last month, and Laura, another German from the hostel, and two Taiwanese girls named Helen and Lynn. We are going to Taupo, the biggest lake in NZ, then to Gisborne for christmas. Anything else in between. I am not really coordinating this trip so I am just going to go with it. I came here to do some new stuff. I think we are going to Scuba down a river the bungy jumpers dunk their heads into. That should be cool.
I am going to a New Years festival for world peace in Nelson. This is a five day campout celebration with many live bands and DJs. This is down on the south Island, so I will take a boat ride across the straight.

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Mom and Dad said...

Dugan, Thanks for telling us where you are and where you are going. I found all the places on the map. You're really getting around. I sent you an e-mail. Did you get it? Love, Mom