Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the last few days I have been design a graphic for my Kiwivan. I Started by penning it on sanded paint and glass with a sharpie. Then taped it off and started spraying, but it started to sprinkle a little, so I went to a closed liquer store with a very big drive through carport. I knew I would probably get asked to leave by a cop or someone else, but time is short until I leave Tauranga. I don't know how much time or space I'll have to do it on the road. But I got the section done before someone said "move along now". I have a lot more to do on it but now today the sun is shining but its windy. Good art shouldn't be rush anyway. I want it to look good. I am sure it will increase the selling value also.
Thursday I am checking out of Ducks Nuts and going on a one month trip around the north Island with 4 others. One German girl who I scuba dived with, two Taiwanese girls from the hostel, and one Chinese dude who is my same age. We are all going on a 4 day hike around a lake south east of here. Its $25 a night to stay in huts that are out there in the bush and by reservation only, I don't really think theres much more than a sink with running water and a bunch of stinky tired hikers. But I am the most experienced hiker of the group and I have never hiked with only a back pack more than one night. So we thought for our first big hike we should stay under a roof, not have to carry or set up a tent.
I am not too sure of the route yet but I'll be in Gisborne for Christmas and New Years. I changed plans from another festival in the south because of the distance, and I'll be picking Sean up in Auckland in Feb. So I think after that we can go south.
I lost my wallet in the jungle a couple of weeks ago. But I just got a call from the police station saying some dogs found it. Its still got everything in it and the cop who called here is bringing it down to me tomorrow. Things are looking good.

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