Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have been on my own again after our group all went different places. I am on the east coast and just celebrated Xmas with a few friend from the hostel in Tauranga. Did some snorkeling in Tolaga Bay. Noe I start a new job tomorrow morning and the Rhythm and Vines Festival. I am just working for a ticket, but 18 hours of easy work over three days will save me over $300.
Its tough to use the Internet now because When I was in Hastings doing vineyard work for Corban winery my laptop burned out. Trying to get it warrantied over here is not easy.
I plan to work in the squash Fields next month or so. I here it good money. I need to work a lot just to be able to stay here at this point. My USA bills still need to get paid. So no traveling or adventure for a while. Just another immigrant laborer. I hope NYE is fun. Merry Chistmas

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