Saturday, January 3, 2009

1st to see the light


Gisborne is east of everything. It is the origin of the daily ritual of the sun rising to bring warmth and light to the people of the world. This fact was not lost to the 20000 drunk festival goers from around the world. The kiwis really know they have something here. The first festival to see the light of the new year. Its a party that lasts for 5 days and nights. They have bands from all around the world come to entertain us on a beautiful vineyard tucked into a steep green valley and surrounded by tall pine forests. Every day I got to see big bands and DJs recreating some really fine music. I was able to get into VIP a couple of times, and had my van parked in the employee lot so I could go out to get things whenever I wanted.
I was lucky enough to get a job as a volunteer ushering the crowds. That paid for my ticket as well as giving me opportunity to get some extra tickets. I also got a job selling glow sticks for a vendor. Great for meeting people. I would roam through the crowds and talk to people. It seems the woman I was working for must have made several thousand dollars that week, because people were just spending away. With the connections I made at this festival I was able to make quite a bit of money compared to working on a farm somewhere.

But still I need to work. I can only stay here if I can find an income. The holiday lasts until the 5th. Then people will reopen there stores and I can try to get a job. I would like to stay is Gisborne because I heard that I can make good money during harvest season, and it has a perfect surf break when there are waves. Last couple of days has been flat. I have done some snorkeling in the waters around here but I get cold too fast. 15 minutes in the water and I'm shivering for an hour. I should have brought my wet suit. I have been bored the last couple of days. It seems like there should be more music and celebration, but its over. I've been running on the beach in the morning tring to get back to the lean shape I was in before I came here to NZ. Its hard to eat well when you eat canned foods and cook out of the back of a van. But at least its hot and I'm not hungry.

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Dan LaTour said...

Yo DuZelan! Happy New Year! Sounds like you're still having fun down there. Hope you're able to find some work soon. I'm sure you will.